Recruit through the PSW Registry of Ontario

The Personal Support Worker (PSW) Registry of Ontario (“Registry”) includes features to help facilitate employers’ recruitment of PSWs.

Registration will be conducted in phases. In its initial phase, the PSW Registry will provide a sample of PSW employers with one (1) secure login for use by a representative of Human Resources (or the equivalent department) to access the employer portal on the Registry. This login will allow employers to access a restricted ‘employer view,’ where they can see detailed information on registered PSWs, such as the PSW’s:

  • Gender
  • Languages spoken and written
  • Institution of graduation from a PSW program
  • Name of the PSW program
  • Date of graduation from the PSW program
  • Additional certifications where the following will be shown:
    • Institution of graduation
    • Program of graduation
    • Date of graduation
  • Employment history (if they have been employed) where the following will be shown:
    • Position title
    • Area of practice
    • Start date
    • End date
    • Employment status
    • Number of hours per week
    • Duties
  • Working preference, including:
    • If they are seeking potential employment
    • The areas they would be interested in working
    • The regions they would like to work within
    • The number of hours per week they can work
Employers will be able to see a Unique Identifier for each PSW (note, this is not the same as the PSW’s Registrant Number). If the employer is interested in a particular registrant on the Registry, they may contact the Registry at inquiries@psw-on.ca with the PSW’s Unique Identifier, the employer’s contact name, the name of the employer organization, and the employer’s contact information including email and/or phone number. The Registry will inform the PSW that the employer is interested in speaking with them and will provide them with the employer’s information.