6 Tips Before You Start Crash Gambling

As fun as they may seem, some games on crash gambling sites can actually be very dangerous! If you don’t want to lose your shirt, you have to know how to avoid the traps! Here you will find some advice on how to play safely!

1. Free games / paid games

You should know that apart from competitions (which most of the time only ask you for the email address of ten or so of your friends), games of chance that make you win prizes are rarely free! Even when they are not casino games such as poker or blackjack… Most often you have to pay a credit corresponding to a number of games on crash gambling sites, but don’t do this before you have tried the game in question with a few free spins!

2. Gambling bans and betting on the web

At present, all legal crash gambling sites belong to the PMU! Online gambling sites can be located in different countries all over the world. But it should be mentioned that deciding to play you have to avoid all the risk criminal sanctions at the request of the European Commission.

3. Check that the site has a licence!

Until Canada decides to open up the online gaming market, sites are hosted in tax havens and other offshore destinations (most often in Malta or Kahnawake, an Indian reserve near Montreal). Prefer sites with a Maltese licence, as Malta must comply with European legislation in the event of a dispute.

But be careful! Keep in mind that, out of the 14,000 online crash gambling sites listed by the European Commission, more than 1,000 would be cybercriminals. These “wild” sites operate without an operating licence and are said to be used for money laundering, stealing bank details, spreading malware (viruses of all kinds), and regularly swindling players!

black hat hacker sitting at the laptop illustration

4. Get your winnings!

Check that you can withdraw your winnings as easily as you bet! Sometimes a lot of proof of your identity is needed, and it is never a good idea to give too much personal information. Also pay attention to the payout deadline and the winnings cap, which may require several payouts over several months if your winnings exceed the cap.

5. Check that the site has customer support!

Customer support is essential! Most of the platforms have lines open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the dematerialisation of the contact between the customer and the operator can be detrimental to you if the service is faulty. A good service should be able to respond to you in less than half an hour up to an hour in the evening and should not be a voicemail that tells you to press this or that button depending on the problem you are experiencing.

6. Beware of addiction!

Crash gambling sites are fun, their interface is funny, the games are simple and the gifts are attractive! Everything is done so that you stay as long as possible! You lose a little, and you win a little. And, more often than not, you earn points that allow you to play again.