Multi wheel roulette: explaining and playing

Multi wheel roulette

Multi wheel roulette is a form of roulette game that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, especially online and especially in the live casino. That said, it is also a variant that can be played in land-based casinos.

It is the variant where the game is played on multiple tables simultaneously. As soon as you have placed your bet, all the wheels start spinning simultaneously, and you are playing at all the tables simultaneously. The rules are basically the same as in roulette, but in this case, you are playing several games simultaneously.

The main thing, therefore, is to keep a good overview when you decide to play this variant. This is an important key to success in this game. It’s all about the rules, the stakes and the strategy that fits best.

Basic rules

American roulette

Those who want to understand Multi wheel roulette really only need to look at the rules of European roulette. These are the rules that are generally considered the official rules of the game. This means that players bet on a possible outcome of the game.

This can be a specific number, but it can also be a combination, for example, such as the numbers in a column of a certain colour or numbers that are even or odd. Depending on the choice you make, a number of times your stake can be won.

After you’ve made your choice and placed your bet, that’s when the game really begins. Since this is a variation that works especially well online, you generally don’t have to deal with a croupier but with a computer. The computer is responsible for spinning the wheels of the game. This is where the big difference with other forms of roulette lies. You play on several tables at once.

The tables are synchronized with each other. The only difference is that each table has its own result. The ball that enters the wheel can come to rest in a different slot on any table. The outcome determines whether you win or lose. This depends on the choice you have made, as described in the previous paragraph.

As soon as the balls have come to rest, the outcome is announced. So you know how you did immediately. The difference is that in one turn, you have actually played several turns, depending on the number of wheels.

Also, keep in mind that your bet is multiplied by the number of wheels. If you are playing on eight tables and your bet is 10 euros, this means that your bet is 80 euros. This is important to note because other forms of roulette are not like this as they are normally single games.

Multi wheel roulette is the variant that scores the highest in online casinos because it allows you to play against the computer. You don’t need croupiers to do everything synchronously. This is much easier. The result of the game is often displayed on the screen instead of being called out as it is in land casinos.

Type of bets

Multi wheel roulette requires you to multiply everything by the number of wheels that are spinning simultaneously. However, this is different for the payout of your bet if you win. After all, you only win at one table at a time.

Although, of course, it can always happen that a favourable outcome for you emerges on more than one table. The odds per table are shown as follows schematically.

Bet Payout

  • 1 number 35x the bet back
  • 2 numbers 17x the bet back
  • 3 numbers 11x the bet back
  • 4 numbers 8x the bet back
  • 6 numbers 5x the bet back
  • Choose any of the 3 columns 2x your bet back
  • Choose 1-12, 13-24 or 25-35 2x the bet back
  • Choose 1-18 or 19-36 1x the bet back
  • Choose red or black 1x the bet back
  • Choose for even or odd 1x the bet back

In theory, it is possible to bet on one specific number and then have this number appear on all tables. However, this chance is extremely small. However, if this is the case, you will receive 35x your bet back on each table.

In reality, it is often more nuanced. You can win on multiple tables, but for example, when you choose a combination. That can come back well on multiple tables.

Multi wheel roulette strategy

The best strategy for multi wheel roulette is the same strategy used for European roulette. So this is the famous Red Bet strategy, which is also called the Martingale system. Pick a colour or choose even or odd.

Then you hold on to this choice in every game you play. So you then have a 50 percent chance of winning each turn. If you win, you play again; if you lose, you double your bet for the next turn.

At the end of the day, if all goes well, you should end up with a nice sum of money. If you are a bit more daring, you can play a variant of this strategy with, for example, columns where you have a 33.3 percent chance or with blocks of 6.

It may be that it is slightly more difficult to keep track of everything, especially since you are playing on several different tables. The 50/50 options are therefore much more advisable in the case of multiplayer games, as they are easier for you as a player to keep track of. So this is also an essential factor in the choice you make. For this reason alone, it is good to stick to this when playing.