Our Team

Our team is what makes PSW and Extra Wild unique. We are not a group of individuals; we are a collective of diverse talents and skills. Together we have the strengths and abilities that allow us to create high-quality content and services for you. Each team member specializes in their area of expertise, whether it’s writing an author’s article, providing legal services, or even teaching gambling strategies.

Team members and co-founders of the organization

team PSW and Extra Wild
PSW and Extra Wild

Presley Hickle (@PresleyHickle88)

Presley Hickle is the co-founder of PSW & Extra Wild. He has more than 10 years of experience in the gambling industry, received his master’s degree in commercial and corporate law in 1995. Presley Hickle is the author of numerous publications.

Lavon Marks ([email protected])

Lavon is our organization’s chief gambling expert. Previously, he worked as a senior manager in a casino. And before that, he worked as a dealer and then casino supervisor for 5 years. Lavon is co-founder of PSW and Extra Wild.

Raina Hettinger ([email protected], @Hettinger01)

Raina Hettinger has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution – she has mediated public cases and is now a mediator in private cases with twelve years of experience. Because of her extensive experience, Raina has turned her attention to the gambling industry and advises many on disputes between gamblers and gambling establishments.